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The Sandal Castle interactive was produced by The Works during their redesign of Wakefield Museum. The Interactive was designed and developed by Liquid Studios’ director, Matthew Robson, whilst under the employ of The Works.

Sandal Castle itself is now in ruins, and designing the 3D walkthough sequences which feature heavily in the interactive

required close collaboration with preeminent historian and castle researcher - Lawrence Butler. The interactive was designed from the beginning to tell the Castle’s story - from its wooden first incarnation in the 11th century, to its eventual destruction during the English Civil War.

The 3D sequences were built in Newtek’s Liqhtwave, with the interactive itself being composted in Macromedia Director. Additional Artwork created In Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Photoshop.

You can see a sample of the 3D sequences from this interactive on our showreel which you can download here.

The latest Cost Cutter commercial features an animated turkey, animated by Liquid Studios.
post a CD
‘To Drive For’ was one of 3 programmes for Channel 4 which Peppiate Sharpe provided title sequences for. Liquid produced the animation.
Liquid Studios provided the character design and much of the animation for Channel 4’s ‘Smile... You’re On Candid Camera!’
Over a three month period, Liquid Studios provided over 70 illustrations for Granada Media’s Swapit Shop.
Dr Carefree's Casebook was a Stop-motion Training film for NORWEB's Sales team. Have a look at some of the artwork.
The Sandal Castle interactive was a virtual, interactive walk through the Castle’s 1000 year history.