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Dr Carefree’s Casebook was designed as a training pack for Norweb’s in store sales staff. It consisted of a 20 minute training video and accompanying booklet, both aimed at providing insight into selling extended warranties to customers. Due to the complexity of the techniques explained in the pack, an animated character was to ‘sell’ the concepts to the staff.

Liquid produced the designs for both the

character and set, and kept a close involvement right though the model making stage, even building large protions of the set. The final character - Dr Carefree - was a psychiatrist, talking to an invisible ’Sigmund’. The voice explained the sales concepts and allowed Dr Carefree to ‘understand the customers brain’.

The animation was stop-motion, The Dr Carefree model was built by Figure Productions and the stop-motion performed by Hammerhead Productions. Editing, Script and Direction were by Darren Sugden, head of Norweb’s Audio Visual Unit.

You can see a sample of this video in our showreel, which you can download here.

The latest Cost Cutter commercial features an animated turkey, animated by Liquid Studios.
post a CD
‘To Drive For’ was one of 3 programmes for Channel 4 which Peppiate Sharpe provided title sequences for. Liquid produced the animation.
Liquid Studios provided the character design and much of the animation for Channel 4’s ‘Smile... You’re On Candid Camera!’
Over a three month period, Liquid Studios provided over 70 illustrations for Granada Media’s Swapit Shop.
Dr Carefree's Casebook was a Stop-motion Training film for NORWEB's Sales team. Have a look at some of the artwork.
The Sandal Castle interactive was a virtual, interactive walk through the Castle’s 1000 year history.