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Liquid Studios’ showreel highlights some of the recent projects we’ve undertaken, as well as some of our favourite older pieces. We have prepared a Quicktime version of our showreel here.

small - 192x144 12fps 5.1 meg

medium - 256x192 12fps 11meg


If you would like to look at examples of our work offline, and find out a little more about us, you can download our digital folio. Prepared to run on both Mac and Windows platforms, this small download will show you larger examples of our work.

Mac version - 2.2meg
Windows version - 2.2meg


If you don’t have the time to download these files, please fill in the contact form on the site, including which computer platform you use and your postal address, and we’ll ship you a CDROM containing the above files.


Download a quicktime version of our showreel, or our digital portfolio, which is available for Mac or Windows users.
post a CD
Find out more about who Liquid Studios are and the work history of its founder: Matthew Robson.
Find out a little more about the other companies Liquid Studios works with, then go look at their websites.
You can contact us regarding possible projects, or regarding anything you’ve seen on the site here.
If you are a member, you can log in here to enter your personal area and check on the progress of any on-going projects.
Now You're Covered provides Liquid with a further chance to showboat new style.
Liquid Studios provided the character design and much of the animation for Channel 4’s ‘Smile... You’re On Candid Camera!’