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Peppiate Sharpe invited Liquid Studios to provide the character design and collaborate on the animation for the title sequence to Channel 4’s ‘Smile, Your On Candid Camera!’

From an initial concept by Peppiate Sharpe partner: Paul Peppiate, Liquid studios designed a series of possible characters and a storyboard for the 25 seconds of animation. The title sequence tells the story of one unlucky individual’s constant monitoring by a series of hidden cameras during the course of one day. Paul’s initial concept called for the sequence to have an obtrusive, eery

quality, which was to be balanced by an appealing central character.

This was a true collaboration, with Paul designing and illustrating the background sets, Liquid Studios designing the central character and props and Leeds based animator Rozzie Fuller providing the initial drawn animation. Liquid Studios digitized, cleaned up and coloured these drawings, and the final edit was produced by Peppiate Sharpe.

Macromedia Flash was used for the inking of the animation and illustration of the props with Adobe After Effects being used to composite these elements with the backgrounds. The final edit was mastered at Mezzo Studios.

You can see a sample of the finished animation on our showreel, which you can download here.

The latest Cost Cutter commercial features an animated turkey, animated by Liquid Studios.
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‘To Drive For’ was one of 3 programmes for Channel 4 which Peppiate Sharpe provided title sequences for. Liquid produced the animation.
Liquid Studios provided the character design and much of the animation for Channel 4’s ‘Smile... You’re On Candid Camera!’
Over a three month period, Liquid Studios provided over 70 illustrations for Granada Media’s Swapit Shop.
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