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We have included below links to some of the companies we work closely with, along with some brief information about what they do.
Much of the work within this site represents a collaboration between
Liquid Studios and one or more of the companies below: So if you like what you see here, please do take a few minutes to have a look at the remarkable services these other companies offer.

Peppiate Sharpe.
Peppaite Sharpe are a motion graphics company based in the north of England. Paul Peppaite and Tony Sharpe have between them over 40 years experience within the broadcast indusries, and are now busily broadening their horizons to include new media.
You can find them at:

Mezzo Studios.
Mezzo Studios provide a full production service for televsion and radio. With two sound studios and three on-line Avid suites they can put a team together for almost any televisual project.
You can find them at:
Internet Devlelopment Ltd
Tim Metcalfe formed IDL in 1995. Since then, IDL has catered to an impressive client list which has included: KPMG Budget and Greenflag to name but a few. IDL now provides tailored IT solutions for medium to large sized corporate concerns.
You can reach Tim at:
Chris Robson New Media Sound
The quality of Chris’ work belies his relatively recent appearance within the new media industry. He has already provided music and sound fx for a Harley Davidson CDROM, Sound FX for the Peppiate Sharpe website and is a frequent collaborator with Liquid Studios on various projects.
Find Chris at:
We've been developing new animations with Lifeforms for a little while and find them to be one of the big players who actually take the time to respond to their users. If you are interested in character animatiion, they are well worth a look
Find Lifeforms at:
Download a quicktime version of our showreel, or our digital portfolio, which is available for Mac or Windows users.
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Now You're Covered provides Liquid with a further chance to showboat new style.
Liquid Studios provided the character design and much of the animation for Channel 4’s ‘Smile... You’re On Candid Camera!’