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Frogs Legs is an in-house project developed between Liquid Studios and independent musician and song writer, Chris Robson.

The 3 1/2 minute short tells a creepy morality tail with a cast of characters including a fat business man, a homeless pigeon and a shotgun toting amphibian.


The finished film - designed to meet the needs of both the internet and television - is a large step forwards in content complexity for Liquid Studios, whose most difficult animation project to date has been Channel 4’s ‘Smile... You’re on Candid Camera!’.

Frogs Legs has been designed to make full use of the new features available in Macormedia’s Flash MX and features over 36 cuts, 18 backgrounds and 9 characters, who all have to interact on screen.

A sample of this film will be posted on the site next month.

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Liquid Studios’ short film ‘Frogs Legs’ is nearing completion. It marks an ambitious step forward.
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