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Liquid Studios has begun work on a proposed children’s television show: Grim Cove. The show, which will feature a whole host of weird and bizarre characters, tells the story of Vincent, a recently orphaned city boy, sent to live with a strange old uncle in the fictional coastal town of Grim Cove.

Each episode will tell a self contained tale,

whilst moving forward the shows central theme of Vincent’s quest to find out more about what happened to his parents.

Grim Cove is being developed using Electric Image’s Universe, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Macromedia Flash and Digidesign’s Protools and then converted to Flash format, allowing it to be delivered over both the internet and television.

We are actively looking for funding for this project at the moment. Should you wish to contact us regarding Grim Cove and any current opportunities for involvement, please contact us at:


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